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Getting Started:

Selling your boat could not be easier, whether you are a private individual or a boat broker.

All you have to do is follow the instructions and fill in the details on our link below. A member of our team will check your submission and upload it to our site.

Now you can just sit back and wait for the emails from us as we monitor all enquiries so that only genuine contacts are passed on.

What Will It Cost:

There are no up-front fees, advertising costs or sales commission. Instead we charge on a pay per referral basis. 

For a private seller your cost per referral is Zero. This means that our service to you is completely free. There are no hidden charges or costs. 

For the trade we only charge for each genuine contact passed on. The rate for this varies but is surprising low and is only charged to your card when you reach a certain level or period of time (whichever comes first). This in all probability means that you may have completed the sale and received your commission before you even get charged for the referral in the first place.

How Do We Do It?

By using our unique approach to marketing your boat will be brought to the attention of like minded individuals across the world in clubs, marinas, forums and web sites. Many of these places are often forgotten or out of reach to boat sellers through conventional means.

What Do You Do Now?

Easy, click on the link and get started!

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